We are all at least a part of the 97% of women who suffered from harassment

With 97% of women experiencing sexual harassment during their lifetime, I never had any expectations of being the exception. However what shocks me is the fact that the more I read about these stats, about these things that we’ve all experienced at one point or another – like having to take a long route homeContinue reading “We are all at least a part of the 97% of women who suffered from harassment”

Weird things I’ve googled during baby’s first month

Newborn parents assemble. And have a look at your search history. This is a glimpse of my own search history (in no particular order) during Emma’s first 4 weeks of life. 1. It’s feeding time but baby just threw up …I fed her anyway as the thought of skipping a meal stressed me out evenContinue reading “Weird things I’ve googled during baby’s first month”

How to look after a new mum during a global pandemic

We’re in lockdown and it sucks. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and it’s terrifying. We’re in January and the blues are mercilessly kicking in. We’re new mothers and it’s petrifying. What do we ask for? A little support. That ever so limited COVID-permitting shoulder to cry on. That extra body to leanContinue reading “How to look after a new mum during a global pandemic”

10 unexpected baby essentials

‘Baby essentials’ trumped ‘can dogs eat…’ on my google search history throughout my whole pregnancy. And I google dog food safety A LOT thanks to my hybrid dog-hoover, Axel, who takes every opportunity to snatch and swallow whole chunks of anything that is dropped from the kitchen table, mid-air, without ever touching the floor. I’veContinue reading “10 unexpected baby essentials”