Open letter to my daughter

To my little inquisitive and fearless girl,

The dog’s loud bark never makes you flinch. The small world we were able to show you so far made you more inquisitive than we would have ever imagined. You want to see everything, you want to learn how to do things for yourself and nothing seems to phase you. Except for mummy’s insanely loud sneeze. But that one’s fair enough.

I promise to nurture your inquisitive mind and teach you every day everything I know about the world. That’s until the time comes when you have to teach me every day everything you know about the world.

I promise to hold you tight until you fall asleep at night, sometimes even longer, when I’ll need to soothe my soul. And I promise to let you fly away freely when you’ll need to soothe yours.

I’ll be your unbreakable support through any sorrow that may come and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader through all successes that are on your path.

I wish for you so much to stay inquisitive. To navigate this world all the way around and live through crazy adventures like you’ve never been in danger. To learn to let go and live in the moment like your heart’s never been broken. To choose to be kind, understanding and supportive of others like no one’s ever let you down.

Because what I wish for you the most, is that at the end of a day, you’ll get to lay down and be happy with yourself. With everything you’ve done and said that day. To be the best version of yourself and help others become a better version of themselves. Because that, my darling inquisitive and fearless girl, is the key to happiness. And that’s my biggest wish for you as you grow and get to explore this world – to choose to be happy every single day.

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