Weird things I’ve googled during baby’s first month


Newborn parents assemble. And have a look at your search history. This is a glimpse of my own search history (in no particular order) during Emma’s first 4 weeks of life.

1. It’s feeding time but baby just threw up

…I fed her anyway as the thought of skipping a meal stressed me out even more.

2. Ideal weight for one month old baby

…This one stressed me out and finished the month on a total of over 20 individual searches

3. Ideas of bookcase for children

…I have a small space available in the nursery and was scouting for original, creative ideas.

4. What vitamins are in Pregnacare pills

… I felt really well and energetic during the pregnancy and am pretty convinced it was because of the Pregnacare supplements. I wanted to find out whether I could continue taking them after Emma’s birth. Turns out you can.

5. How to change a baby’s nappy

6. One month old baby development

7. Bottle feeding routines and amounts needed

8. Childcare bubble tier 4

9. What is the fourth trimester

10. How to burp a baby

11. How to reduce fever for 2 week old baby

12. Baby gets distressed without dummy + signs of autism

13. Restless sleep in newborns

14. How long does it take to love your baby

15. 2 week old baby hasn’t pooped in 4 days

16. How to place asleep baby on side and turn on their back

17. What does a baby do at 2 weeks old

18. Velvet teddy swaddle blanket

19. Do you clean Vernix from baby’s bits

20. Postnatal depression signs / how long does it last

21. How much milk should I breast pump

22. Will I ever sleep again??

23. Breastmilk at fridge temperature

24. What is tongue tie

25. How much breastmilk required for 1week old baby/ 10 day old baby etc…

26. Bad breath in 1 week old baby

27. How to help nasally baby

28. How to apply nappy balm – what is nappy balm

29. How to massage baby with oil

30. Dry hands and feet in 1 week old baby

31. What time of day is breastmilk most nutritious

32. Do you apply bepanthen to prevent baby rashes too?

33. What blanket to use for Moses basket

34. Newborn jaundice

35. How many times a day should you change nappy

36. Can baby sleep with dummy

37. Baby standing up at 3 days

38. Baby holding head alone at 2 days

39. How to massage breast breastfeeding

40. How to heal severed nipple

41. How to heal 3rd degree tear. What to eat to help heal

42. How to wake up newborn for feeding

I know it’s all new territory with the first born, so no google search is silly. What did you stress about?

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