1-week postpartum

It’s over a week now since this beautiful little soul made her appearance 5 days over her due date on the 29th November.

Woke up in the night, thinking here we go, she’s ready to meet us and 20 hours later there she was in her daddy’s loving arms – our very own little Emmakin (real name Emma Chrissy James but goes by Emski, Emmakin, Emma-poo, Nutty – you name it.)

I don’t want to do a whole write up about labour, as I’m not ready to revisit the experience yet, but I will when I am ready. For this post focus more on what I’ve learnt in Emma’s first week of life.

It feels so overwhelming to be given a baby and asked to go home with them when you feel like you know absolutely nothing about how to care for one in the first place. But in a week I found out that learning comes thick and fast. Nappy changes, rash worries, feeding intakes and so much more. She’s given me a crash course on baby life by puking on me, making me change some interesting looking diapers while freeflow peeing on the changing mat and made me feel like I’m her personal milk dispenser, expressing at any time she needed a bottle (she was born with tongue tie so latching on is not easy at the minute, but more about that at a later date).

Mostly, she taught me how precious time is and how quickly it passes when I just stare at her for hours on end asking myself how on earth our bodies could create something as beautiful and perfect as a new baby. But then again… you know, I’m hormonal and crying at everything anyway.

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